The garden of Tenryuji is a fine blend of aristocratic tradition and Zen culture.

      In the village of Sagano on the outskirts of Kyoto, you will find a path, just west of the city that takes you through the Arashiyama bamboo forest. Approaching the grove from the side gate of Tenryu-ji Temple, you enter a surreal and magical world where the sunlight twinkles through the emerald canopy and dapples on the forest floor beneath your feet. Daughters of the Imperial family once purified themselves here, near the Nonomiya Shrine, before becoming shrine maidens at Ise Jingu, and many young women adorned in beautiful and vibrant yukata still come here today to pray for a love match.

Muso Soseki, the first head of the Tenryu-Ji temple was a noted priest, given credit for creating the temple garden in 1339, which is centered around a large pond and designed to reflect the changing seasons and the landscape around it, including the bamboo groves and two nearby hills, Kameyama and Arashiyama. This technique of using the surrounding landscape in garden design is known in japan as Shakkei.

For nearly 700 years,  Muso Soseki’s garden remains frozen in time and is considered one of the most exquisite examples of Japan’s traditional Shakkei gardens.

Earthy & Fresh

This earthy scent profile is as complex as it is crisp and minimalistic. Opening notes of bamboo and sandalwood will transport you to an ancient world of wealth, honor, and cultural elegance.

Mid-notes of fresh cucumber and rose petals provide this fragrance with a clean and energizing vibe while base notes of musky vanilla and rich Patchouli carry you well into the evening.

Top Notes

Bamboo | Sandalwood | Vetiver

Middle Notes

Cucumber | Rose | Cedarwood

Base Notes

Patchouli | Leather | Vanilla

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