Wriser And Associates
Larry Wriser, Jr - Founder / CEO
Olivia Caldwell - President
Jennifer Wantaroacha - CMO
Gregory Anderson - COO

       Art Department
Gino Brown - Chief Designer
Rocky Canlas - Graphic Designer
Benjamin Elio - Illustrator
Shauna Wriser - Creative Director
Sam Timalsina - Web Developer
Ty Walsworth - Web Developer

       Marketing Department
Britt Miller - Marketing Director
Victoria Lopez - Social Media

       Photography / Video
Mike Willey - Video Director
Diabe Sale- Photography Dir.

David Fuselier
Gabriel Bautista
Masoud Eskander
Sam Garner
Stephen Trevino
Vincent Mendez
     Writing Department
Anthony Obey
Crystal Obey
Ava Humphry
Brittany Walters-Bearden
Mia Sherwood Landau
Scott Boyter
Ivy McQuain

     Talent Department
Allie Bathea - Voice Actress
Alyssa Belen - Model / Actress
Andrew Randall - Voice Actor
Arlene Tanis - Voice Actress
Beau Spinks - Voice Actor
Bill Ross - Voice Actor
Blake Knight - Voice Actor
Brett Unruh - Model / Actress
Candace George - Model
Caprice Scott - Model
Charlotte Racicot - Model / Actress
Connor Heim - Voice Actress
Cynthia Colby - Voice Actress
David Bates - Model / Actor
Dan Parr - Voice Actor
Desire Thomas - Model
Eddie Eagle - Voice Actor
Fentriss Moore- Voice Actor
Gabe Saenz - Model
Gary N. Hauger - Voice Actor
Gregory Alan Downey - Voice Actor
Greg Zarcone - Voice Actor
Inger Williams - Model
Ingrea Aberra - Spokes-Model
Isabelle Batres - Model
Jamie Buck - Voice Actor
Jacquelyn Barnett - Model
Jenae Crable - Model
Juliette Grey - Voice Actor
Katie Hale - Voice Actress
Kiana D. - Spokes-Model / Actress
Kira Kovacs - Model
Kosha Jayaswal - Model
Leslie DeLaPaz - Model / Actress
Lilly Bee - Model
Linda Arsenio - Model / Actress
Lorien Burns - Model / Actress
Maggie Taylor - Voice Actress
Malcom Rauch - Model
Moritz Williams - Spokes-Model
Nesha Brown - Model
Nicole Candian - Voice Actress
Nikki Lu Lowe - Voice Actress
Richard Roth - Voice Actor
Shane Land - Model / Actor
Sonya Reese - Singer / Songwriter
Tanya Smith - Voice Actress
Taylor Wynn - Spokes-Model
Teresa Wynn - Spokes-Model
Terry Johnson - Model
Toni Orans - Voice Actress
Yvette Todea - Model / Actress
About our founder:
Growing up with a natural love for the arts, from music, to sketching and writing,
Larry Wriser took every opportunity afforded him to develop his artistic abilities.
Larry's love for art led him to study architecture, and computer aided drafting in
high school and college along with any available art related courses offered. After
4 years of architecture and mechanical drafting, Larry graduated and began a
promising career as a patent and trademark draftsman, during which time he
took part in the development and trade marking of thousands of patents you may
use every day. However, after a major slump in the economy, primarily due to the
debilitating effects of events that occurred on 9/11, Larry was forced to venture
out on a new career path. On this path,  Larry discovered a growing trend of
people who were also forced from the typical workforce and almost forced into
using their knowledge, skills, and hobbies, to create their own businesses. Intuitively,
Larry realized that most of these visionaries did not have the knowledge and/or
resources necessary to launch their dreams in a manner which would ultimately
lead them to financial freedom.  As a result, rather than following the masses and
simply migrating towards the next status quo type job, Larry decided to step out
on faith and pursue his own entrepreneurial dream.  However, the caveat is that
Larry’s vision included serving others in such a manner as to help them realize their
own entrepreneurial spirit and soar towards their individual dreams of financial
independence. (blessed to be a blessing).

How Wriser & Associates was born:
Over the next 10 years Larry worked around the clock holding full time jobs and
furthering his education specifically to learn every aspect of his market, from
graphic design, management, marketing, pre-press, and business development,
all while working on his own business and building relationships with hundreds of
clients across the globe. All together Larry has nearly 20 years of industry
experience, has won several award and has been recognized by multiple private
industry councils, and now he is taking his finely tuned skill sets and putting them to
work for you. In addition, Larry has surrounded himself with several other creative
and artistic individuals, including: award winning designers, illustrators, animators,
copywriters, photographers, models, musicians, and voice talent, giving he and his
company the ability to take on any account and successfully help any company
reach their goals. Together, Larry and his associates have created over 1,000
brands worldwide, written over 100 full-scale marketing campaigns, and
generated millions in sales.

So, whether you are starting a new company, trying to grow an existing one, or
launching a new product or service, Larry and his team of industry professionals
can help you reach your goals and watch your dream become a reality.
Over 1,000 Clients World-wide
All logos are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Wriser & Associates claims no ownership of any of  the images represented here.
Winners of the National Best of the Best Design Awards 4 years in a row!
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