"...I wanted to let the someone know that your customer service representative Larry Wriser was outstanding in helping my daughter and myself place an order through your website today. This is our first time using your company, and the first time even trying to download such a difficult job to any web site so we needed some assistance. Larry’s patience and knowledge was beyond helpful and I really can’t thank him enough. It has been a long time since I have received such great customer service that I had to take the time and speak on Larry’s behalf. He was wonderful dealing with a very strange situation over the phone. I am looking forward to seeing my final product and hope to extensively use your company in the future."

- Tia Roseboro, Columbus, Ohio

"Larry has consistently delivered a high end creatively developed logo, business card, and brochures that have been the highlight of my medical practice, Thanks Larry!"

- Dr. Michael Carter, Atlanta, Georgia

"...I was opening a new medical practice and didn't know how to translate my concept for the business card to a camera ready copy. Larry offered to help me out, at a very reasonable price, and his work was superlative. Since then I have ordered all of my print work through his company."

- Barbara Bothe, West Virginia

"An associate of mine referred Larry to me when I first started my firm. I have used Larry for everything from my logo, to my business cards, and all of my advertising products for the past 5 years. Since first hiring Larry I have been 100% pleased with his creativity, advice, ideas, pricing, and service. I honestly do not think my practice would be where it is today without his help."

- J. Wayne Johnson, Dallas, Texas

"I've had the opportunity to work with Larry over the past several months in developing a logo, and various branding products to start-up my business. He has been an integral part of this process! His creativity, knowledge, and marketing expertise has resulted in a very successful product, and I hope to continue a longstanding relationship with his business and the portfolio of services it provides."

- Barry Denis, Ontario, Canada

“Over the past two years I have worked with several different designers to create my logo for my new business and have been disappointed over and over again. As my search continued I came upon Wriser and Associates and my search has finally stopped. Mr. Wriser breathed life into my vision and created the perfect logo for my company. He certainly exceeded my expectations on every level. His quality of work and service are ranked number one!”

- Van Blueford, Dallas, Texas

Wriser And Associates
W H A T    O U R   C L I E N T S   A R E   S A Y I N G   A B O U T   U S
Winners of the National Best of the Best Design Awards 4 years in a row!
Over 1,000 Clients World-wide
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